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America by the Numbers - Bezos' Billions

By Mark Faulk

At Red State Revolt, we try to present the truth in ways that are effective and simple. Over the years, we have created graphics that tell a story with accurate information that is often both shocking and sobering. We will continue to post graphics for our readers that highlight the inequities of our system. Feel free to share them on social media.

Today's graphic is about Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, who could be the world's first trillionaire by 2026. (Side note: auto-correct doesn't even recognize "triilionaire" as a word, because they don't exist, at least not yet.)

Bezos is currently under investigation by the House Judiciary Committee for lying to Congress about Amazon's use of third party data.

Meanwhile, over 30 workers at an Amazon warehouse in Carteret, New Jersey have contracted COVID-19, and seven Amazon employees have died since the pandemic began. Amazon refused to confirm how many employees are sick, with estimates of over 800 total cases of COVID-19 reported.

"Every other day it's the same text message," one employee, who spoke  on condition of anonymity due to fear of retaliation, said. "Our  building during one day shift has over 500 people in the building at  once. There's no way to properly distance yourself when running at that  capacity. And every day they're hiring more and more people."

"I used to feel safe here, but not anymore," they added. "They just care about putting out packages."

At the same time, Amazon terminated its recent policy of unlimited unpaid time off on April 30.

So how could Bezos help his employees during these trying times? It's a surprisingly simple solution, and Bezos' wouldn't even notice the slight change in his off-shore bank accounts.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Jeff Bezos has made over $32 billion in the last month alone. He could give every one of his 840,000 employees a $35,000 bonus, and still have $3 billion left over.



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