RED STATE REVOLT - Living in Quarantine

Join us (and by "us" I mean "me", quarantined in my house for nearly a week, and counting) Thursday, March 19th from 5-6PM CST. I DO NOT want to use this show to grandstand or create any unnecessary panic. If anything, I hope I can provide some insight into what I'm doing as I wait for results from being tested for coronavirus, and my experiences going through the process up to this point.

(CLUE: It really does take a village)

If I'm lucky (or even unlucky), maybe I'll have results to announce by then. If it's negative, me and several others who have been around me, will return to life as usual. If it's positive, we will likely all be quarantined for another 14 days. Regardless, I'll walk everyone around my messed up (but disinfected) duplex and give a few pointers.


If you have questions, you can call in at 1-903-787-5887 during the show.Tune in at from 5-6 PM CST or join me on Livestream on Facebook at Red State Revolt. I will also post a couple of blog entries over the next day or two here to keep the conversation going. Communication is how we pull together and get through this.

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