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Tell the DNC: Enough is Enough!

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

The Democratic Party has become its own worst enemy. The insatiable lust for power and money that we claim is the foundation of the Republican Party has in fact corrupted both parties, until they are rotten to their very cores. As we watch in disbelief, the Democratic National Committee and its own overlords have elevated their attacks on Bernie Sanders, and more broadly, on every Democrat in America. Multiple nefarious decisions and events have shown that not only is the power structure of the party corrupted, but they will wield control over their own base openly and unabashedly, without even the pretense of fairness and objectivity.

Over the next months, I (and hopefully others) will use this forum as a platform to pull back the curtain on ALL levels of corruption, and as a call to action for those who feel as if they have been left behind by a power structure that only cares about perpetrating its own self-serving agenda of control. The Democratic Party may have a slightly different set of overlords, but it is as surely manipulated by money and power as the Republican Party.

In response to recent efforts to rig the primary election and nominating process, I wrote the following email to the DNC (I did correct a couple of typos in the original email). I would urge all Democrats who believe in a fair process, regardless of which candidate you support, to do the same. Just as we are working to prove that we can change the system one door, one phone call, one text and one donation of $2.70 at a time, we need to challenge the powers that be in our own party to submit to the will of the people. This is not about Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Andrew Yang, or any other candidate, and it is damn sure not about Michael Bloomberg. It is about a political movement, it is about us. It’s that simple, and that important.


I am a lifelong Democrat; my values were shaped by RFK, MLK, and JFK, by the women’s rights and the civil rights movements, by the anti-war movement of the 60’s and 70’s, and by the eternal struggles of marginalized people across America and the world. I was loyal to my party even before I was old enough to vote. I have run for office in Oklahoma and served as Oklahoma County Chair during the 2018 election when, thanks to the hard work of hundreds of motivated volunteers and qualified candidates, we turned the county blue and elected the first Democrat to Congress in Congressional District 5 in 44 years.

I am absolutely appalled at the behavior of the DNC, which has not only continued to unfairly punish progressive grassroots candidates, specifically Bernie Sanders, but by extension is gaming the system to cheat all Democrats out of our right to a fair election.

First of all, the DNC stacked the convention committee with appointees who are viscerally and vocally opposed to Sanders, including one who was caught asking a Democratic strategist “where to stick the knife in” Bernie, and another who promised to “grind Bernie into dust”. Days later, after earlier refusing to soften the debates rules concerning the number of contributors to each candidate for strong candidates of color Cory Booker and Julian Castro, you suddenly completely dropped the requirement altogether to allow billionaire Michael Bloomberg to participate in the debates...after he cut a $325 thousand check to the DNC, and is reportedly showering state parties with bribe money as well. Finally, reports have surfaced that DNC members have privately discussed arbitrarily changing the rules implemented during the 2016 convention to create a more fair election process in 2020 and beyond, and allowing unelected superdelegates to completely go against the will of Democratic voters by voting in the first round.

This is, as the campaign slogan goes, not about Bernie or any other candidate, and it never was. It is about US, the Democrats of America. You have betrayed us, sold us out to the highest bidder. Even more shockingly, you seem ready to hand the election (once again) to Donald Trump in order to quash the will of the people, your own people, your own party. You would rather lose to Trump than allow us to elect our nominee in a fair election, all in the name of retaining power and control. Shame on you.

I ask, in the names of tens of millions of Democrats across the country, that you reverse course immediately and work to ensure that the primary process is fair and equitable so that Democrats can get behind our nominee, whoever it may be, defeat Donald Trump, and move America forward in the name of all people, and not just those who are able to buy power and influence in our political system.

If you continue down the path of rigging this electoral process, I will, after over 45 years of being a loyal Democrat, exit the party I love, and you will NOT have the luxury of bullying me into voting for the Democratic nominee in a rigged, corrupt election. If we lose in November because of your underhanded back room dealings, the responsibility our defeat lies squarely at your feet. You will be responsible for continuing the pain and suffering that directly affects half of America, and We The People will hold you accountable for your actions.


Mark Faulk, Democrat

I am asking everyone, regardless of which candidate you support, to contact the DNC and demand that they conduct a fair, above board, unbiased election, so that we can move on to the all-important task of defeating Donald Trump this November. The future of our country depends on it.

Democratic National Contact info:

main phone number: 202-863-8000



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