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My Story, By Darren Saunders

 (Edotor's note, Jan. 22, 2023: This was originally posted on my now-defunct website, The Faulking Truth, on April 7, 2007, written by Darren Saunders at my insistence. Today is his birthday.)

(Editor's note from April 7, 2007: Darren Saunders first began posting comments on The Faulking Truth almost three years ago, a passionate, but in all honesty, highly dysfunctional soul, filled with anger and discontent. We argued sometimes, and I threatened on more than one occasion to make him "go sit in the corner." But, over time, we have all grown to love Darren, and he has in turn become a better, and as this story will show, stronger person in the face of extreme adversity. He has been an integral part of the crusade against stock market fraud, and I want him to know that I'm proud to call him my friend. Peace always, Mark Faulk)

My Story

Darren Saunders

April 7, 2007

Months ago a family member told me I was "soft" because I didn't harbor hatred for family members that supposedly stole money from me.              

Let’s now talk about my "softness"


On August 28, 1978 I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. I was 11 years old. I was "different " and I remember how scared I was that children in school would find out about my illness and make fun of me.                    

I journeyed on.                      

Grew up in a very "unstable" home. My mother use to drink a lot and beat me and my sister constantly. My sister tried to take her life twice [slit wrists & overdose valium] I thank God [even though I don't believe in him] she is still with us. She is my inspiration.                     

I journeyed on.                     

When I was 16 years old I "abandoned" my mom and sister to live with my father because he was "fun". We use to smoke pot and gamble.                     

I journeyed on.                    

In 1989 my brother-in-law got me to be a job as a "cold-caller" at Stratton Oakmont in Lake Success, NY. This is where my "softer side" was tested, and tested and tested. I remember Sunday nights watching tv show "In Living Color" dreading the upcoming week of abuse and torture. I wanted to quit many times but never did because I wanted a "name for myself."                    

I journeyed on.                     

In 1994 while working at Josephthal, Lyon and Ross I met Dr. Irving Bernstein. His son David has severe Multiple Sclerosis and this little company Viragen in Florida had David on a trial that pretty much "washed" the MS out of his system. I dug deeper into the trials and met many other people that were on this trial and was BLOWN AWAY by what they and the doctors were telling me. I decided to dedicate my career to helping this company get their drug to market and "get rich" doing the "right thing"         

I journeyed on-

YEARS HAD NOW PAST                     

1999- Viragen delisted from Nasdaq Exchange         

2000- Owed "organized" individuals $20k and was paying $500 week in interest                  

This went on for 4 years. Do the calculations.         

2000-2004- Gave all my earned money to "the boys"         

2007 - STILL ALIVE and STANDING                      

I journeyed on.                    

On March 12, 2007 I was diagnosed with Cancer. My treatments start on Monday March26, 2007. Monday and Friday Chemo treatments and Tues, Wed, Thurs Radiation treatments.                     

I have now journeyed to a point of "self awareness" and now understand that it is not          "all about me"                    

So in closing I would just like you all to know that this Cancer has made me stronger and even if it does "beat me" I will not go down easy. So like most of us being "misunderstood" I now finally realize that I am strong. I no longer allow others to define me to what they see in me. I define me for what I see in me.             

Like my friend Mark Faulk was saying about a friend of his that most recently passed on.          He did all he could to help all that crossed his path.             

NO FANFARE         

NO TALK             

Just action because it does speak much louder than just a "hollow" word like "soft.'                     

Because as you can see from my history I am not soft. A fool at times maybe but not soft. We all need to come to the conclusion that life is about how we treat and care for those less fortunate.                      

Life is so much bigger than you.                    

Life is in need of more soft people on the outside like myself with inner "resolve" because we can easily "sneak up" on this greedy individual base and slaughter them as they call us "soft"                     

I also want to thank my friend Mark Faulk for all his guidance and support                     

your friend,         


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